Scare Me I Dare You

November 14, 2016
By Sydneycathleen._ BRONZE, Grand Rapids MI, Michigan
Sydneycathleen._ BRONZE, Grand Rapids MI, Michigan
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It was late and warm that summer evening.
My parents had pulled out of the driveway.
We watched for a minute then went back inside.
They were always out with their softball team;

Four days a week to be exact.
We were always to be home alone,
My brother two dogs and I.
He was to babysit me, which always ended in disaster.


With the kid named Carter, from down the street coming soon,
We were to be watching a movie
that I wasn’t exactly looking forward to.
This movie would potentially ruin my life.

Grant had said it would be funny, because all horror movies were.
Being as oblivious as I was, I sadly agreed.
He has never been so wrong in his life.
‘Insidious’ was the name.

I had no idea what that meant.
I should’ve done my research.
I watched, obviously,
Finally realizing what it was,

I closed my eyes for the rest.
Even though I promised not to, I did.
I watched petrified through my tiny fingers
On the verge of tears.


I was mad at Grant for lying.
I wasn’t delirious for being terrified,
I still am.
I will never be able to watch that movie ever again, nor the following movies.

I could barely make it down the hallway,
As scared as I was,
So Grant carried me to my room.
Being younger, I fell asleep soon after that.

Grant had called me back to the living room not long after that,
Startled, I strode into the hallway unaware.
Then Grant jumped out at me from a door frame.
I screamed, as did he.

I had had it for the night.
I grabbed his hand and flipped him over my shoulder;
A judo flip I remembered.
Just as he had taught me earlier that summer.

He was only unconscious… for a few minutes.
I still think it was his fault after five years,
But he doesn’t find it funny.

His eyes fluttered open,
And he seemed ok, limbs and all.
At first he threatened me
But after we both realized he was alright,

It was okay again.
I got him ice for his head, and handed him a wii controler
Super Mario Bros was always our way of an agreement,
Seemingly ironic really.


Headlights eventually returned,
Though I never saw them.
We fell asleep in grant's room a bit before, controllers in hand.
Mom and Dad were home,

Checking in on us, they managed to wake both of us up.
Both awake, we couldn’t go to bed.
Grant grabbed a book to read instead.


I remember,
Harry Potter.
I love telling this story,
Reflecting on it somehow.

I loved my brother (even still)
Cheesy I know, I’d probably be slapped if this was read.
But it’s only the truth I tell.

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