The Things of the World

November 14, 2016
By Anonymous

The things of the world are Shadows imitating true Glory. They stand as a fake beacon calling to those seeking Happiness, Pleasure, Comfort, Love. Yet the shadow cannot be touched, and the rewards Not felt. Even after reaching the shadow, the illusion still remains as rich men try to get richer. The shadow is apparent, conspicuous, and looks desirable, even more so than the object casting the shadow. The difference between the two is that only one is real. The shadow persuades you to follow, while the more you follow it, the further you get from your true desires. Stand still on flat ground, not the steep and rocky ground next to the shadow.

The author's comments:

I was inspired how our earth es falling into a very unhealty state, and how many things in this world seem desireable, but yet do not support you in the long run.

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