November 14, 2016

She was never one to “keep up” with the boys
She could run, she could jump and make just as much noise.
And she’d lead with strong sense of power in her eyes
Because failure was one thing she truly despised.
In things that she fought for, it wasn't a choice.
She’d scream using every last drop of her voice
Many refuted her, and they shot her down.
To the point where that strong voice did not make a sound.
She sat in the corner, morals on the line,
Everyone asked, she said she was fine.
She put up her walls, one for each side,
She was quiet now, disregarding her own sense of pride.
When things went wrong, people looked around
For the little girl, who just could not be found
But she turned them away, like a cat to the sea
“Why would you listen to someone like me.”
Then one person proved her blatantly wrong
“You’re needed” he smiled “You have been all along”
She finally stopped hiding and stood to full height
Then she called out to the world with all of her might
“I am me, and a woman, and that’s all okay,
And that’s more than I’ve ever been strong enough to say”
She was never one to “keep up” with the boys
She could run, she could jump, but with just enough poise.

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