10 Years

November 14, 2016
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10 years from now
I'll be at war
Battling through time
Moving forward
Figuring out who I am
Making my way through
Wondering when I'll find the end
When will I find who I really am?

10 years from now
I'll be struggling
I won't be your friend anymore
You'll be long gone
I couldn't imagine this day
Panic runs through my body
Missing you is all I can think of
Where did I go wrong?

10 years from now
I'll be the same
Running out of hope
Controlled by the same leaders
Panic disorder
Why did you choose me?

10 years from now
Not everything will be bad
My future will be successful
Passing my classes
Getting a job
All worth the anticipation
Failure is not an option
Does this success bring me happiness?

10 years from now
The sweet sight of family
Coming home from work
In my own house
Everything will be worth it
Seeing the bright smiling faces of my family
Will fix and make everything okay
Is my family happy?

10 years from now
I'll be enjoying life
I won't be held back
Balancing entertainment with reality
Am I living life right?

10 years from now
I sit at my desk
It's 10:52pm
I should be getting ready to sleep for work tomorrow
I stare off and wonder
Not a blink of time passes me by
I'm not thinking about the past or future but the present
Am I where I thought I'd be 10 years ago?

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