One Day

November 14, 2016
By , Mason City, IA

Why does sadness consume some
Why does it happen on good days
Why does it hurt so much
Why is it so cold
Why does it come sporadically
Why can’t it leave just as fast
How can she stop it
How can she be happy
How can she get rid of it
It hurts her
It hurts her relationships
It hurts everyone
Can it stop
Can she be happy
Can she smile a real smile
Why can’t she smile
Why can’t she be happy
Why does it hurt for so long
Why does it hurt her so much
She did nothing wrong
She did everything she was supposed to
She did what she was told to do
But it only got worse
Now the sadness doesn’t only hurt her mentally
It causes so much pain
In so many ways
It causes so many bridges to burn
It only gets worse
She’s in so much sorrow
The sorrow hurts her
It makes her think of crazy ideas
Ideas about happiness
She craves the happiness
But her way to happiness isn’t working
It works for a second
For a couple minutes
But then the sadness is back
It swallows her
She does the only thing she knows
All she sees is red and white
The new and the old
The losses and the temporary wins
Her self-destruction
Her way of art
It is a silver pen
With red ink
And her body as the canvas
Sadness is controlling her life
It controls her mind
It makes her think that this helps
It doesn’t
It never did
But to her it does
To her it helps
It works
Why doesn’t she see us
We are trying to help
Why won’t she let us help her
It’s bad
She’s beautiful
Why can’t she see that
She can’t see it
Her monster
Her devil
It sits on her shoulder
It shows her everything through its eyes, not hers
She doesn’t see it
She doesn’t see us
She can only see herself in the bad light
She can’t see her beautifully broken eyes
She can’t see her heart, with the bandages around it and cracks in it, still beating
Why can’t she see how we think of her
One day
It might go too far
She’ll finally see her destruction in one terrible way or another
One day she will see how beautiful she is
One day she will see how far she can go
One day she will see how many people do care for her
But it’ll be one day too late

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