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Freaks of Nature This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

The breeze was breezing as to call me--
to play. With my friends,
in the darkness. Not of the day!

Fire ferociously flames upon furry.
It catches upon pines and firs in quite a--
HURRY! It’s catching me, please.
Don’t look back.

The sizzling sound is simmered down. Only by the noise
of my own bellowing in remorse.
Oh no, it has not stopped, not from my plead at least,
it had to have come from the hungry one.
The one of bristled fur and big feet.

Slowly he came to a halt, a jolt,
and offered his arm, so I took it of course.
Lifted I was set apart from the sky.
Oh how different it was being a freak of nature.
So hi.
in the air that it makes you feel free.

No more fire up here,
no more trees.
No more judgement
of freaks or of nature.
just me
furry one
and floating leaves.

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