Sure We Can All Be Friends

November 14, 2016

Did you just move here? Awe.
now get out GO!
I’ve fought for too long to earn My Space.
You walk in my life, but
you don’t own The Place.

Don’t take her away!
That girl is My Friend,
you preppy, primped over personified being
(if you even are a being).
Oh but how could I forget?
You’re the one who’s considered “cool”.
If you asked me, you are nothing more than a mere fool-                                                   
ish newcomer you have yet to learn the rules.
You didn't get the message?
Oh it’s fine. It’s cool.
Just pack your stuff.
Now find a new school.

Good luck trying to survive when your stuck with me in school.
Sly. You.
I cried.
Don’t ever try to steal My Best Friend.
Besides that, have a great first year here at Franklyn High.

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