my day at silver lake

November 14, 2016
By Anonymous

The sound of the board smacking against the water while gliding through the waves. Everytime I bunny hop up crystals of water flythrough out the air.

We started to head towards the the steep and hilly sand dunes on the other side of the lake.
We arrived to the dunes and we rammed our boat on the side of the beach/dune. Then we had a break and ate lunch out in the soft and fluffy sand.

When we finished our lunch we layout on the sand to tan. While I was laying out I started to remember that I FORGOT TO PUT ON SUNSCREEN.
My eyes are wide open and feeling the burn scorching on my back and the pain was real.

I turned to my dad and he said “ your redder than the sun and a tomato combined” .
so i turned to the water and start to sprint to the water and do a big dive into the water. I could her the steaming of the water cooling down my back

Luckily my mom packed some lotion to cool down my back and it helped to make the sun burn go away.
i should keep a mental note to wear sunscreen every time it's hot and if we go out for a long period amount of time.

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