Jimbo Haidacher

November 14, 2016
By Anonymous

His son's t-rex style body hits the frigid floor

   Big Jim flexes his tree trunk arms

Mighty like an ox

   Dominant male


          of his clan


Jimbo spends his days in his dark dry dungeon

   Watching reruns of “Deal or No Deal”

His sea eyes fixate on the screen

   Locating which suitcase he thinks is filled with hopes and dreams





Once Jimmy realized he was stronger than the t-rex

    He quit his day job protecting the streets

          And decided to protect his manhood


Each morning on the day of his blistering battle

  Jim mows his masculine mustache

  Mounted on his mature facade

He pumps his chest out like a powerful bull

With Fabio hair he rides his steeds to war


T-rex boy was no match for his elder

Jimbob had the fighting skills of Jaden Smith from “The Karate Kid”

Jimothy swoopes his sweeping leg saucing up his son

   T-rex boy frantically falls physically

            His child has been defeated

The author's comments:

My friend's dad beat him up because he didn't put away a pancake maker

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