Everybody Knows That Everybody Leaves

November 14, 2016
By Anonymous

Everyone knows that everyone leaves

But no one ever says

We say our hellos and goodbyes so

Lightly to those we have spent

Weeks, months, years with

And after today

Will never see again


They destroyed the carpet too

The carpet of fallen flowers

It lasted a whole day and a night

Before being cleared

Into black body bags

I never got to tread on it

But I saw it

Resting place of fallen angels

Never thought Hell 

Would look so peaceful


Life in all it's glory

Is ultimately a chaotic Beauty

An improbable wonder

Everyday we try

The lucky ones succeed 

And the rest


Everyone wants to be a lucky one

Who chokes and captivates Life

But Life is a cruel mistress

For while she allows her favoured

To dominate her 

Embarressment sours quickly

And cowers behind Ruthlessness

God help the unfortunates

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