The Evil which Blinds

November 13, 2016
By , Tucson, AZ

Here I look onward till outward
Comes to view,
Crosses my eyes,
Leaving but image
No flesh.

Outward is scaring, defying
Of sight of mind.
Never is seen the vision
Beneath, only
Jagged outlines.

I must adjust,
Try to pierce out
The pus. So infected
Must be Inside, even Outward
Cannot hide.

Outward’s lies,
I cut open. Darkness
recedes in their place,
Only truth can fill
Such grand space.

Inside begins to push,
Hungering for truth.
So long his
Appetite has been denied,
The pus pours forth.

Outward falls away,
Layer by layer,
Peels from grotesque
infection. Inside
Is after all but pus,

In full view,
Eyes can see
The evil surpassed
When Inside was away,
And Outward carved
Out pieces of our minds

Fading with time.

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