In My Dream

November 13, 2016

I fell in love with you in a heartbeat
Without you I feel incomplete
Oh where have you gone?
Life without you just feels so long
I see you in my dreams
We are young back when we were teens
I touch your face so gently
Oh honey I  want you so badly
I look into your eyes
And never want to say goodbye
I wish I could dream of you forever
Being with you fulfills me with pleasure
You grab my hands and pull me closer
You make it so hard for me to keep my composure
Our faces  so close you give me butterfly kisses
You make me feel so submissive
We look into eachothers eyes reading our souls
Gazing deep  reaching so many zones
You lean in and we press our lips together
I feel the world around me stop altogether
You lean back and smile so brightly
The smile that makes my heart stop slightly
Nothing can compare to the way you make me feel
I can feel your body and see you clearly nothing is unreal
I go insane when I awake
It makes my heart break
My happiness all of a sudden disappears
Without you my days are filled with fears
I pray to the lord to fulfill my heart with hope
I ask him to help me find ways to cope
Without you all I see is black and white
All I wait for in a day is the night
Laying in bed waiting for myself to fall asleep
The girl with broken heart feelings so deep
I grab my big round belly knowing i'm almost due
Inside of me is a little you
It’s so sad knowing he couldn't meet his father
He would protect us like an armor
Baby I love you so much
I want to feel your touch
I miss you like never before
So many feelings inside me it feels like a war

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