The Son Asked

November 13, 2016
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“What is a woman to you father?” the Son asked
The Father laughed, “Women are Mothers, but son in your mind they shall be placed last,”
They are empty in the mind You see
Whimsical, ignorant, Everyone agrees
“And my Mother, your Wife?”
she helps organize Our life
she’s a caretaker, cleaner and cook, she’ll stay at home
And in the summer, I’ll take her to Rome


“What is a woman to you father?” the Son asked
The Father tensed, “They fight for a hopeless cause, everything cannot be changed so fast!”
They’ve become big headed, arrogant
Your Mother has become an embarrassment
she marches on the streets
And I believe now she is simply in-discreet 
They’re misguided, mad, mistaken
Thinking They are all casing a waking
‘It’s as grand as the American Revolution’
she says, “But it’s against Our Constitution”


“What is a woman to you Father?” the Son asked
The Father now replied, “As unpredictable as the weather forecast.”
“And my Mother, your Wife?”
she’s gone, taken to a new life
she said to me
‘I want to get a degree’
‘For I shall not be underestimated one day more’
‘I may not have the wisdom of Athena, but I shall not be a simple bore’
‘Like a lion I am Bold, but I have one question in store’


“What is a Woman to you Father?” the Son asked
The Father closed his eyes, “Like You and Me,” the Father said at last
Your Mother asked of one thing my Son
‘Answer to him, that a Woman to You is as equal as anyone’

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