Series of Meanings

November 10, 2016

It  is why he left. It.
It  broke his heart. No. Shattered it.
It  packed his bags and made him move away.
It  made me kiss another boy.
It  made his mother lock me out.
I  hate It.
But the bad thing is that It... is me.
Titles Have No Meaning
I feel nothing for this place.
I was forced to be here.
To live here
To breathe here.
To love here.
I loved here
He was handsome
And perfect
And mine
But I took him away
Slick ice snow distractions  driver invisible roads
That’s what killed him
But it was mostly me
LOVE is a lie to some
It is a blessing
Or the Devil
It can bring good things
Or it can bring destruction of a life
It will make you feel like a billionaire
Or it will make you feel like you just lost everything
You will grief over it
Cry, laugh, be happy
But the thing is that LOVE
Is just an emotion
It can’t be that great
Can it?

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