Being Late To Hockey

November 10, 2016
By , Grand Rapids, MI

It was a snowy winter night,

We were in a warm place called Yost Arena.
We did not have enough players for two lines
in the late hockey game.

Our team was in the locker room ready to go.
We had all our gear on.
The ice was getting a hydrotherapy before the game
Our coach was babbling to us

The scoreboard rang.
We fled the locker room and glided onto the ice
Our parents were cheering for us.
The game was about to start.

Even short-handed, we scored in the first five minutes.
Then the other team scored.
It was a close game,
It was a one to one.

By the end of the first period
I was exhausted
My legs felt like rubber
And my stick felt like it was made of lead.

The second period started.
Finally, the kids that were missing just showed up.
We were thrilled.
Now we buckled down on the game.


Our hard work paid off
We won the hockey game
The lesson is never give up
You should always have fun

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