It Started as a Normal Day

November 10, 2016
By Rachael_Alexis SILVER, Gilford, New Hampshire
Rachael_Alexis SILVER, Gilford, New Hampshire
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I bounced from the house,
Blonde curls whirling
Pinned with a bow.
Little pink shoes shimmered with every step.
Large luminous eyes and a toothy grin
Looked up and said,
"Have a good day, Mama."
And I skipped into school with my lunchbox in hand. 

The day started off great with laughter and jokes,
Making ornaments for the upcoming holiday seasons.
The room sparkled from the glitter spilt and thrown everywhere
But things changed.
Mrs.Johnson kept shifting and looking at the door
The air shifted slightly
From a monster lurking near by.
The anxiousness a stomach couldn't deny.
Soon a voice called over the P.A. system,
"Lock down, This is not a drill" 

Mrs. Johnson shushed us.
But soon I could hear it,
The loud sound
Like a powpowpow here,
And a longer string there.
Everyone scattered
Looking for any space to squeeze into
The pows got closer and the screams began.
I didn't know what to do so I fled.
I locked myself in the coat closet
Almost hidden from sight
But from a crack between the doors
The monster in black wasn't hidden from my eyes.
His face was crazed and covered with red,
Mechanical arms exploding on a whim.
Hidden from sight I couldn't help or make it stop.

That was a horrible day.
Filled with loss and pain,
That day the sky turned dark and innocence was ripped away.
The voices would say
"She'll never come back from that.."
My mother refused and would say,
"She's a strong girl, she'll be okay."
But for now I'll sit quiet and prim,
In fear that the monster will come again.

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