A Cold Day

November 10, 2016
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A cold, winter day
Family inside my house
The smell of hot chocolate
Making me long for it
Snow, crunchy and white, covers the ground
A big playset
And lots of dares
Cold hands, numb fingers
Second guessing and using my early reasoning skills
The long walk, from the porch to the playset
My mom, telling me,
“Be Careful!”
And my c***y reply of,”I'm always careful!”
Knowing it was a bad idea as I swing monkey bar
To monkey bar
Realizing too late that my fingers aren’t dexterous in this cold weather
It was a long fall
I couldn’t breathe
Consuming my mind
My arm hurts, like nothing I’ve ever felt
I get rushed inside for ice…
Two days later, the hospital awaits
And they ask me questions…
So many questions
Maybe I should have been more careful

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