Hidden in Blankets

November 10, 2016

Awakening from a sleepy haze.
Sunlight dances across your face and arms
Heating your already warm body.
But a gentle breeze from the open window
over your bare arms makes you shiver.

Eyes still closed you snuggle closer
To the heat source
Towards another foggy human
Slowly awakening.

Arms tighten and pull you closer,
With comfort all around.
Lazily eyes open and
Dark brown meets golden brown.

A tender smile crinkles his eyes
And you beam back at him.
Soft words are spoken
So as to not pop the bubble of peace.

Eventually though, time catches up
And it’s time to start the day
A delicate kiss is shared
But it’s time to part ways
So with one last look at the comfy bed,
You know this moment will come again.

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