Spreading Light

November 10, 2016
By Anonymous

If you have ever lit a candle, you know how bright it canbe.                                    

What if you took that candle, and used it’s light to light another?
Would it lose it’s light?
Or would it shine on?
If you have ever seen a bumble bee, you know what it does.
It jumps between flowers, collecting their pollen as it flies.
After a bee collects a flower's pollen,
Would the flower die?
Or would the flower live in pride, knowing it’s pollen will help the world?
If you have ever smiled, you know good it can feel.
What if you smiled to another, making them smile,
Would you lose your smile?
Or would you keep smiling,
Knowing that you can’t lose light,
You can just make it brighter.

Well, that answer is for you to decide,
I think l know what you’ll chose.

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