The Sweet Release of Coffee

November 10, 2016
By , Grand Rapids, MI

I wake early with a fright
My mom turned on the bedroom lights
She started to screech, it was quite a sight
I didn’t do my chores from last night

It slipped my mind about the dirty laundry
It was that or wash the dishes, I had quite a quandary
My mom went back to yelling
Because we didn’t have an immaculate dwelling

I forgot to vacuum
My mom started acting like a sachem
She looked at my room and noticed it wasn’t clean
I started to tribute my mom like a queen

As I stood there wide eyed you could see that I was very frightened
Her peer at me started to heighten
So I made her her coffee
She drank it and now is like Ghandi

Lesson learned
It’’s something to be of concern
Don’t procrastinate, or you’ll get burned

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