Dog Pains

November 10, 2016
By Gavin208 BRONZE, Walker, Michigan
Gavin208 BRONZE, Walker, Michigan
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It was the end of summer, and it was so hot

my skin felt like it was starting to boil.
My family and I just got out of church, and we were going to see my cousin’s brand new house.
I was so excited!
They have a black lab puppy, named Gertie.

I was having fun playing with Gertie.
But, I was really parched so I went to the kitchen to get something to drink.
I was talking to my parents and watching T.V.
Then, I heard the click, click, click of her nails on the wood floors.

Gertie ran quickly into the kitchen, and leapt up onto my chest.
Ninety-five pounds of dog was pinning my back on the counter.
Her nails were so sharp they were digging into my chest,
my spine made a loud POP, as my back cracked.
Making it feel like it snapped in half.

I had to sit down as my back was throbbing,
so, I rested it, and rested it.
Now when I’m at their house don’t stand near counters,
and I watch out for their dog.

I learned that you have to pay attention to dogs with lots of energy.
You don’t want to have dogs shoving you into counters,
Or their nails digging into your chest.

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