November 10, 2016

Staring at the screen again
no words are coming to my head
ive got a lot to say but i don't know how to say it and ive got demons to kill but i dont know how to slay em
taking hold of my heart and i dont know how to shake em make em burn for what they did and who they messed up but i'm against the wall and they got me backed up
i can flash my favorite finger and let the anger linger but the longer i stay like this the longer i'll be slippin under
they say theres a hell but i swear its inside me
burning all of my muses leaving zero debri
creepin up in the middle of the night when i'm asleep wrapping its arms around my neck hungrily
and i let it leave its mark cuz this is all i know
it lives on my back i carry it everywhere this disease leeches off of me everywhere
it's the closest thing ive got
its been with me through happiness and distraught
my demons are my best friends and yet i freaking hate them
they keep knockin and i open so i don't feel empty
i'm a two sided faker
i want freedom but i can't take it
i know i yearn to burn em and break the bond bestowed on me
unobstructed,unrestricted,indestructible i will be
when i finally fling these foolish demons from my life tree

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