Isolated Pain

November 15, 2016
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Isolated Pain
Crushed by words
Mean girls pull away your dignity.
Something like letting go of all you've believed in.

Running from tears, down your face.

They laughed at you, cause you're so out of place

            Life in a box, lost.
            Almost like bursting out the door into the sunshine of the last day of school;
            Knowing that your summer will be worse than being in school.

Turn off your lights and pull your covers over your head and think,
isolate yourself.

     Your mind is blank; what is it saying?

He’s no good for you, all you do is cry.
Stop taking all those depression pills at once.
1 at a time not 7,and put down that cigarette.
do you want to live
or do you want to die..

         wait, you're not sure..

Thoughts of how,
you wish to be running in a grassy landscape,
with gorgeous plants feeling free;
the truth still overflows with dark things like not having any smirk lines,
because you've never smiled.
    Taken from a soul with so much care.
Now living in a world that loaded you up with darkness.
“YOU'RE UGLY!”, “why doesn't she just kill herself already?”, “keep up the good work hoe”...
This is what pushes you to your limits right..?
      Breathing so heavily,
pacing back and forth,
thoughts clouding your mind,
tears uncontrolled,
    hearts almost lost all of its beating blood,
       it's an emergency.
You’re so alone, you've been sitting in the E.R waiting room
waiting for your name to be called..

“Is there a Hope here?”
So hot you couldn't breathe,
none of your words could come out, you wave.
    She walked to you, took your hand,
        And said “Honey, where are your parents?”
            A single tear slowly flowed down your cheeks.

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