November 15, 2016
By SuperMechaDeathChrist SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
SuperMechaDeathChrist SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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Blissful and lively at first glance
But on the inside you’ll find conformity
Individual liberty is restricted,
Rules set in place by those older
The same few carrying traditions of
Intimidation over legislation,
They believe we must act similar
But will segregate against those who are different
They throw you in a chilly cell
No windows, no lights
They confine you to your seldom hell
No hope, no rights
The cold chains of justice weighing down on you
Tearing you apart away from your dreams
Safety, soundness, security
Lies brought directly to your face
They grin a smirk of idiocy
Bypassing your rights and increasing theirs
Handing out felonies and lead bullet kisses
Twisting your perception, as well as your arm
Using fear as a weapon, holding us hostage
In a false war against the world
When really it’s against us

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