November 15, 2016
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“Oh God, I’m too young! I don’t wanna die!”
“Stop yelling! We’re gonna be okay, calm down please. Just try”
“How can I calm down?! We’re trapped in here and there’s a man outside wielding a spear!”
“Doesn’t mean we’re gonna die today! We’re not going to die, not this year.”
“Hey look! There’s a weapon over there on that table!”
“Oh God, are we gonna hurt him? Kill him? No. I’m not going to be able”
“But we have to! I thought you didn’t wanna die tonight!”
“Why do I have to do it though!? I don’t like being on the spotlight!”
“Alright, stop” finally says the director “There are some issues I’d like to address”
“However, they’re minor. Besides that this scene was a complete success!”

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