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November 15, 2016

When I was five,
My brother was the best Superhero.

He could soar from the top bunk,
To the floor,
Not trembling at just the thought,
Like me.

When I was seven,
My brother was my version of batman.

He would shove the scared faces,
Of those who’d constantly tug on my pony tails,
Who’d say I’m a geek and stupid based on my burning passion towards books.
He would shove the scared faces,
In the ice cold snow,
Giving them what I now know,
Is a called a face wash.

When I was eight,
My brother was my knight in shining armor.

He might have let his best friend,
Shut me in the smelly,
Unstable and deformed,
Porta Potty,
And lock the door.

But he was the one who held me,
As I cried the day,
My best friend said the cruelest words,
“I hate you.”

When I was ten,
I noticed something different.

My brother,
Always there,
Had his back turned.

He stopped saving the day,
Gave up Gotham to the Joker,
That armor,
That used to be so shiny,
Turned to cardboard,

When I was 12,
My brother became Violet from Incredibles,

I never saw him any more,
He was never around.
Even had the audacity to pound,
The youngest of our original three,
To the ground.

When I was fourteen,
I was surprised.

The girl who had been there my whole life,
The girl who I had been there for,
Both through tough and smooth times,
Let her ‘sister’,
Bash me in the dirt.

Feeling the trust break,
Wasn’t as bad as the feel,
Of my heart,
Being squeezed,
Like a kid trying to get all the yogurt,
From a danimals crush cup.

At home that day,
I couldn’t help the tears,
The sobs,
That made their way through.

After being informed of my state,
My brother came stomping in,
Yanked me up,
And wrapped me in his warm,

At that moment,
My superhero,
My batman,
My knight,
Was back.

Not to mention,
Cursing the fact,
That it was a girl who made me cry,
He could’ve done something,
Really bad.

Now I’m sixteen,
My brother is still missing a lot,
But is there when needed.

I’m dreading,
When he moves out soon,
When he goes away,
When he graduates.

I want him to stay,
He still has some monsters,
To chase away.

I’m dreading the day,
When he moves away,
And stops looking back.

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