The Blink of an Eye

November 16, 2016

A chilled school morning

Routine continues as the usual arguments occur
Rushing out of the house for the normal morning coffee
The same old stop sign stands there vividly

This time leaving it will be unforgettably different
An ear shattering bang, along with a smash
Upside down, speechless and confused
He’s hanging there begging you to answer
No words can be created

Next thing you know you’re lying on your face
You're pulled from the shards that rest around you
Blood all over your sweatshirt
Phone and shoes thrown across the street

Dad is running towards you, sirens approaching slowly
The phone call is made, he said it was bad
Gently laid down and put in the back
Brother right there holding on tight like he is never letting go

You arrive to the hospital, mom is already there
Crying and crying but you don’t know why
I’m okay you say and she cries harder
“Never leave the house without saying goodbye.”

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