I Want To Talk About

November 15, 2016

I want to talk about bullying
How it happens all around but still nobody notices
The change in behavior
The change in attitude
The change in life.

I want to talk about bullying
How it affects the victim's way of living
The way they see themselves in the mirror every day
Judged on their weight, looks and anything else,
Do people get a high out of bullying?

No one can choose the life they get
They are brought into this world by a loving family,
Bullying a person makes them feel like no one is ever going to love them
No one is going to look at them they way they did before
Bullying leads to suicide which leads to grief.

I want to talk about the teachers letting the bullying happen right in front of them,
I want to talk about the school involvement in bully-free zones,
I want to talk about the teachers who bully students,
I want to talk about justice.

I want to talk about the effects of bullying
The victim’s mind is tricked into thinking that they are nothing but worthless,
Never going to get anywhere with their life, what is the point of living ,
The bully, the moment they start to bully they change their life when they grow up doing the same thing every day like bullying
They carry it through with them till they die,
But for the innocent bystander, what can they do to stop it without getting hurt in the process,
They take it to the heart and they think it is their fault because they didn’t stop it,
They try to erase the pain by turning to drugs or alcohol.

I want to talk about statistics of bullying,
3.2 million students are bullied in one year,
160,000 students are risking their education on not going to school because they don’t want to encounter their bully,
Students who encountered bullying were 3.3 times more likely to have suicide attempts in their life at a young age.

I want to talk about how we can stop bullying when we see it
I want to talk about how we can reduce the suicide rates
I want to talk about the 3 suicides in one school year
I want to talk about how we can make a difference
With opening our eyes on bullying and not just throwing it aside.

I want to talk about how at age 6
I was bullied by a teacher for messing up
Told I couldn’t do anything because I was dumb,
My step brother wrote my name in a book, I tried to explain but she just yelled instead,
She never listened to what I had to say, only herself.

I want to talk about how at age 7 I was bullied by girls who told me to kill myself,
They made a group on facebook about killing me,
The school told me to get the cops involved, I didn’t
I thought that I would keep my enemies close.

I want to talk about how at such a young age our lives are altered by 2 words “kill yourself”,
Haunted by those words,
Replaying them over and over just to see if they are true,
Wishing for it to end,
Leaving sorrow in our path.

Children think that no one will ever love them and treat them like they should be treated,

I want to talk about injustice for kids being bullied
when they are young and can’t defend themselves,
I want to talk about how teachers should stand up
for their students when they see it happening.
I want to talk about how to stop this epidemic of this world.

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