November 15, 2016

I want to talk about Humanity,

Patriotism is a disease we created,
The cure is self reflection,
The false belief we’re stronger divided
Is firmly held high
Higher than our arrogance
“We’re the greatest country on Earth”
Shouldn’t every country be great?
Is life a damn competition?
  I want to talk about politics,
Not American politics where the rules change,
Where some are above the law,
I want to talk about good, honest politics.
Lol jk there is no such thing,
Politics is a ladder for the rich to climb,
Each rung is a life ruined
And a dollar gained.
At the top of the ladder is world peace
But there is a problem you see,
The top-most rungs are removed,
Burned for heat to power our greed
The ladder of salvation is only an illusion.
The peace we wish for is not possible,
Not as humans,
Dumb, greedy, ignorant humans
We must overcome our urge for selfishness
And become a selfless society,
Someday I want to talk about peace,
But for now, only the deaf can hear.

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