as a child

November 15, 2016

As a child
She only sees the good in every little thing
As hell falls on top of her
she pretends she can't tell

As a child she should fear death
As a child  she should fear losing someone
As a child  she  should care

She opens her eyes thanking god  for life
She closes her eyes hoping she will see another

As her world falls apart
She holds her little umbrella to the sky
Not letting one little drop hit her

Her grandma calls her a warrior
Her papa calls her stubborn
Her momma  calls her a princess


She will not let the rain ruin her shine
She will not let rain wash away her smile

Six months later there is a terrible  windstorm  her  dad  throws her mommy down the stairs
A year later, the tree tops break and crash, her dad leaves them
Two years later  the rain falls like little flames from hell,her mom's depressed

Three years pass ,there's a tornado that picks up her mommy and takes her from her home,
Ripping away her safety blanket with her,her mom was taken away  
Four years later, the storm is passing her around  like a beach ball ,
She's in and out of homes


Five  years pass,the damage of the broken house is getting fixed ,she goes lives with her grandma 
Five and a half  years pass ,the unwanted storm acts like a sunny washed up summer day ,
Her mom and dad are back together

Six  years later,the storm tries to start but is pushed away ,her dad  tries to beat her mom again 
Now the storm is over and her mommy is finally safe with her 

She closes the umbrella.
What good has it been?

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