5 years old

November 15, 2016
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When i was Five years old,
I would run around the park like i was filled sugar.
No one could stop me,
The playground was my favorite place to be.
Begging mom to take me to the park,
After school,on weekends.
Once tried to get her to take me before school,
Well that really didn't work.

By twelve my mom slowly stopped taking me to the park,
She told me that i was getting too old.
Almost a teen, so instead i would go outside.
Start running around,
Playing tag with the other kids in the neighborhood.

By fifteen i stopped going to the park,
Started staying inside on my phone.
Became distant with the outside world,
No getting me to go nowhere.

By seventeen, there’s no words to describe me.
I’d go to the park but i wouldnt play,
I’d only go there to babysit.
But i know someday i will run to the park,
To play like i was five years old.

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