Dig for a Cure

November 15, 2016

You walk into school with red eyes
Red eyes from tears and wondering why,
Why cancer needed to take your grandfather.

Your kind, loving, sweet grandfather
Who deserved nothing less than a long life.
Cancer took him away from you and it is unfair.

The days go on,
However, your red face is noticeable,
and certain songs and images that make people laugh,
produce sadness on your face.

You live on,
you play your heart out in volleyball,
that is what he would’ve wanted.
You dig and dive for every ball,
and it is no different in your school work.

But everyone still realizes the weight dragging down your heart.

Friends line up at the entrance,
Wearing shirts with green and gold swirls,
Tie dyed to express your grandpa’s love for the packers
Shirts made to remember him.
You walk in those ugly brown doors and burst into tears.
Tears created from love and a feeling of security.

Cancer may be the reason he left,
But our support,
Is never leaving.

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