November 15, 2016

The friend zone, the forever frightening relationship of a male chasing a female
Although misunderstood, the male is in endless woe.
Never being able to escape, always showing up late because of his self hate.
He doesn’t understand the situation, because his goals are a misclassification.

The female just wants a buddy, someone to talk to when life is muddy
Somebody to be there so she can understand boys, why they treat girls like flimsy toys.

But they have emotion, they have heart, they are humorous. But it’s not fun when all their problems are numerous.
When the male and female go to the movies, the man thinks he’s gonna cop a feel.
But he knows none of that is real.

Her eyes are always on another adolescent,
the male has no chance

He just wants to have his first dance,
have his hands on her hips and lips touching lips.
She needs a brother she’s never had

She just wants to find someone who enjoys her presence, even though this quality lacks in most adolescents

When will he realize that all she wants is just a friend till the end?

In the end his love is blind, he moves on…
Nowadays his only worries consist of making sure the whole wide world knows how happy he is.
He finally found his happiness

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