blue sea of depression

November 15, 2016

Depression is like waves crashing on the shore making the sand feel like slaves
A shark chasing a fish attacking and ripping
marine life trying to stay alive as the knife plunges into it core

It grabs me by the wrist as I yell and raise my fist
I won't let you take over me I will set you behind me
I want to be free

Depression is like brittle stars fighting for control
flying fish jumping out of the water trying to escape
snails on shore hoping they leave no trail

Depression is like a sea of fish traveling together
then getting ambushed by a predator 
An octopus camouflaging itself then attacking


the tide is taking me under
the ride is all too familiar
is the fight for my life
I feel like a buoy floating above water
trying to swim away
but stuck

I will not let the tide pull me under
I will not surrender myself to the shark
I will not trust the cute little seal that acts like it wants to be my friend

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