Nasty Monster

November 15, 2016

That my fear wasn’t real.
That it was just my imagination.
That it didn’t come from the toilet.


This shaking, beating, fluttering monster came to me from the downstairs bathroom.
I was screaming so loud that the whole world could hear me.
I Wanted my mom to come help me fight this smelly, gross, and disgusting  pool toilet monster.


He's coming... he’s stomping his large feet to the ground, adding cracks to the ground.

Mom is going to be mad, real mad.

There he stands, right across from me.  The monster is huge pile of s***. 

I don’t know what to do.  

Should I run or stay?

You can taste him from a mile away.  It's so gross and nasty.  It smells like baby poop .
As she ran through the bedroom door that leads to the outside world, that door screamed.  Mom was scared to move .

The skin of the pool monster was slimy, hot and sticky.
Wishing to break free from my own room like the Joker broke out from the Arkham Asylum, but crashing into it was the worst thing that could happen to me.  I am  shaking and scared.

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