November 15, 2016

She smiles so innocent at him
Her hair all messy he  think she just woke up like that
truth is she has no comb

Her skin is so pale
He  think she's only tired
Truth is she is  slowly dying inside

Two weeks later big clumps of hair fall out
He think it's probably just normal
Truth is she's starting chemo

He works up the courage to talk to her
he thinks she's beautiful
She asks herself why does he like me i'm a mess .

He grabs her hand as she crumbles like sand
She tries to get back up but falls
Darling he says i got you

Every Day she gets weaker and weaker
And everyday he carries her as she smiles
Darling he says  I got you

Weeks pass feelings get stronger
She smiles and looks away
Then he lean in and kiss her  milky white pale face

He  finally work up the courage to ask her out
As he  pick her up he  tell her how beautiful she is when the light hits her eyes ,
How he wants to spend the rest of his life with her

She smiles as the simple but sweet words yes darling fall out of her mouth
No more pain
No more crying

Every day as she gets weaker she forgets why
She forgets how her time is limited
When she's with him she forgets it all


The next morning he  get a call
Its natalie's mom sobbing hard
She's in the hospital she needs you

You go and bring her flowers
The doctors says she past a half and hour  ago
You start crying and am scared you leave cause it's to hard

Goodbye to the only girl i loved
Goodbye to the girl who never gave up
Goodbye natalie i'll see you in heaven

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