November 15, 2016

I want to talk about depression.
How it sucks the life out of people,
Drains all the colour from their eyes.

I want to talk about  loneliness,
How no matter how many people are around you,
You still feel alone.

I want to talk about
Not having the energy to do anything,
Wanting to lay in bed all day,
And sleep all your sorrows away.

I want to talk about how hard it is
To open up to someone,
After being alone for so long,
Never having someone to talk to about the pain inside.

I want to talk about friends,
Who know that something is wrong,
But are unsure of how to help.

I want to talk about family,
Knowing that something is wrong with their daughter
But are too busy.

I want to talk about best friends,
Who comfort you without forcing it.,
Who make you smile even if you’ve been crying,
Who are always there for you when you feel alone.

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