Feelings beyond the surface

November 15, 2016

Walking through the willow tree path
Wishing they could be together,
The trees saw the shattered look
upon his bloody face,
white leaves were to comfort shame.

That shame took
His last breath.

Eyes were black as the darkness,
She felt the weakness run through her
miles away.

Burst of hope shook the world
Walls started to fall,
She wondered about her warm home.

He lives long in the clouds
Shadowing her in the cheerful sunshine
Showing her no freedom
She screams for it to end.

Life was on shuffle or repeat,
She was here then there
Leaving a little bit of hope
In her wake.

Everywhere she looked
she saw the dead
Beads of sweat
lined her eyebrows,
what was wrong with her
She remembers
the night it all started.

Embers of fire
fall to the ground,
Around the forest
Memories test him
Looking if he had what it took to live,
  Never looking beyond his pretty face,
Never looking for his weakness
Or broken little heart.

Not long before the night came
Light burst from the stars creating scars
Of beautiful colors
That will forever haunt her dreams.

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