Crippling Anxiety

November 15, 2016
By Anonymous

Crippling anxiety is such a tragedy, for someone like me.
Who grew up with a family that is nothing but outgoing.
Nothing scares me more,
Than walking through a door into a crowd full people with their eyes on me.
Nothing scares me more,
Than having to stare at the floor, with my head down low, not knowing where to go.
There is no way to explain this pain that I feel, when all I wanna do is gain into a conversation.
I feel so helpless and hopeless when people think it's something I can control.
I can't describe the feeling of wanting to die, with just a sly little panic.
It’s only anxiety, all my days filled with black
With people thinking I'm insane
But it's just another day of panic attacks.
Sitting alone, at home, only makes it worse.
I’m just a simple girl, whose world is just a little too jumbled up.
No one will ever know, the fear of figuring out where to go
In a crowd full of people with their eyes on me.
And a family that doesn't know what crippling anxiety is like for me. 

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