November 15, 2016
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I sit in a room,
With a bunch of other kids.
With the smell of perfume,
Lingering around.

It’s like a weapon,
So strong so deadly.
I cover my nose with my sleeve,
Trying to block the smell,
From entering my lungs.

Why she put so much on.
My nose is starting to burn,
Counting down the minutes until the bell.
I can hear the clock going “tick tick”.

“Bringgggg” the bell goes,
I spring up from my seat.
Massive headache starts to come,
Rushing to my next class.

5th and 6th hour go by fast.
Sitting in study hall,
Overhearing chatter about the weekend.
Me sitting wishing to go home,
Need a nap the migraine getting worse.

Finally the bell rings,
I rush to the bus.
I get on and sit down,
Head still pounding.

Finally i get off,
And walk down the street.
Falling all over,
So exhausted.
Finally reach my house,
To lay down to a noisy house.

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