Floating Through Life

November 15, 2016

Oh how we float through life
We float through clouds of righteous goals
Float past all the things we wanted to do
That movie we wanted to see
Those girls  we wanted to meet
The men we wanted to be

The balloon takes us to the top the atmosphere
We can see the odyssey of the outer rim of our existence
We can almost touch the beginning of our end
We can see how it went down
The push god gave with the tip of his finger
We can see the infinite amount of worlds that have yet to be discovered.

We tip the scale at about 7 billion
It only takes one of us
To change the world
We aspire to be the ones who reach the highest heights
The ones who sees what no one else sees

We float through life
Carrying our suitcases of aspirations
Wearing the well worn suits of determination
And we clinch the balloons that will set us free
From eternal damnation

We won’t just float
We will soar
With golden wings that will never tire

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