One Larger Heart

November 15, 2016
By AllisonEierman SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
AllisonEierman SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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I am  8, young and unaware of the world
My mom comes home one day, talking about surrogate mothers and gay couples
I know of neither.
Love does.

My mom tells me,
she hopes to be a mother that can have children,
for people who can not.
People who love each other,
people who would make great parents,
and people looking to start a family.

David and Sebastien,
Two men in France who love each other.

I am 9 and extremely curious,
My mother is pregnant.

I’m still 9 and thousands of questions roam in my head,
I ask about the the gay couple in France.

In 9 months,
another little baby will be brought into this world,
who will be raised by two dads.
Two dads who will learn to be the best parents they possibly can.

I am 10,
and my favorite outfit is a zebra striped dress and green sweater.
It is May 14th,
His name is Nicolas.

The happiness on David’s face,
The tears on Sebastian's cheek,
They are fathers.

A smile as big as the sun crosses David’s face
He looks at Sebastian and back at their newborn baby.
I witness pure bliss and happiness,
I realize true love is evident in these two men.

I am 11,
and my activity of choice is reading.
My first time spending 10 hours in a plane,
My first time leaving the country,
My first time experiencing anything of the sort.
I arrive in France and once again
I come face to face with the little baby boy who was born a year ago.

I am still 11, then I’m 12, and then I’m 13,
My relationship with this family has advanced so much
and I have learned to love them with all of my heart.

I am still 13,
and now aware of social injustices for gays.
My mother is once again pregnant

David and Seb are wishing for a girl.
A beautiful, intelligent, and kind baby girl,
Whom I will help name.

5 months and the wait is over,
David and Seb’s faces show that their wish has been granted.

The next 4 months,
I count down the days until I  meet my surrogate sister,  Claire.

I am now 16,
Older than I once was and more informed of the world.
7 years have passed since I met the people who have had the greatest influence on my life.
6 countries,
5 trips,
4 family members,
3 christmases,
2 births,
And my 1 heart has grown so much larger.

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