November 15, 2016
By , Yardley, PA

There are 4 Seasons
All different feels, smells, looks, & tastes
The human senses excite, over these differences
Excite over the atmospheric differences
All different
Never the same


Cold, bleak Winter
Winter tastes like a bitter piece of chocolate
Bitter, un-sweet
Winter is dry and uneventful
Until snow
Snow jolts the mind and body
Making bleak and bitter Winter
New and refreshed
New and fresh right into Spring


Spring is like a coiled spring waiting to hop
Let loose
Spring tastes like candy
A release from cold Winter
Sweet candy like a caramel
Only to get better in Summer


Oh summer
Warm Fun Summer
Long grass in the wind
Every displaying
The amazing feel of Summer
Until we reach Fall


Falling leaves around you
Red, yellow
Brown, orange
Ever leading up to


This is where the cycle ends

And begins
Never ending
Ever sending
The feeling of the earth
The amazing season changings
The 4 seasons

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