Snow's Adventure

November 15, 2016
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Snow’s Adventure
It was a blissful bright and very cold morning, “Do you know what day it is Addy”.
I was talking to myself it was so excited for it to be here, one day a year, the day I was born.
I was ready the day for my little furry bundle of love.
I wanted to go so bad my eyes as red as fire I stormed out of the house.
It was time to go and get her.


Out the door I went and I passed Alpine Elementary.
In the cold, cold weather I trudged on.
All I could think about was my little love bug.
I see the frosty 3 mile road sign.
And what do I know a car pulls up to me and it is my car.
We are on our way.


As I walk in it is an unfamiliar and peculiar smell.
Like a puppy and a skunk were fighting for the last brussel sprouts.
I raced to the cages.
Then onto the food and water supplies,
And finally what I was waiting for,
84 days it took to convince my parents,
39 to wait for my birthday,
1 hour to drive,
30 minutes to get everything.
The time had FINALLY come.

I knew it as soon as I saw her.
My little Snow.
With her  lilypad green eyes.
White as snow that falls on Christmas morning,
Gray ears like a cumulonimbus cloud.

I walk out with tears in my eyes
Happy of course
As I say goodbye to quiet
And say hello to loud squeaks, shrieks, and squeals.
Now to look back at it,
It was the best time of my life

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