Behind the Doors

November 16, 2016
By , Oshkosh, WI

As the sun does down, the fist goes up
In the house by the river it’s a regular
The lights all out in the almost empty room
the dinner still there lurking, cold to the touch
No bed to lay on, the floor will do
Some pillows and blankets to keep them warm
Shrek statics on the small tv screen placed on the floor
In the middle of the night,
Yelling and thumping breaks the silence
With a gun in hand in a threatening stance
About to pull the trigger the door creaks open
Two little girls walked just across the hall
to witness a frightening sight
Their mother on the ground a gun pointed to her head by the sick menace
She seems to hold little hope in his presence
Screaming, the twins scare the wielder and their mother
An outraged man and a guilty mother answered their wail
Quickly they get shoved out of the room by their mother
Followed but the infuriated man
They get lined up for the crack of his signature belt
Only a single tear drop slides down their face
They get told to stay in their room with their sleeping little brother
Each bit of the cold dinner was disappointing and nauseating
Laying on the cold, uncomfortable and unpleasant smelling floor
To this day we never speak his name
Just another night in the house next to the river.

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