Me, Myself and I

November 16, 2016

I  live in the sound of music, and lose myself in the melody.


I find myself speechless when it is truly my turn to speak.

So many words fill my mind but they all get lost in my insecurities

I hide in my own thoughts, and allow myself to stay back.

I fall when I begin to become stable.

I don’t know how to express myself when I really do care.

I am only strong enough to call myself weak.

I’m too scared to enter by own dreams but brave enough to walk on the edge.

I don’t understand the world yet but sometimes I feel as though I am standing on top.

Yet a simples breeze will knock me down.

You see my monsters are not under my bed, they are hiding in my head.

My flaws lift me up and allow me to fly,

but i couldn’t show you,

cause you see it’s much easier to hide.

Although this doesn’t sound like it, I am happy with who I am inside

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