A Being of Emptiness

November 15, 2016

Looking up the night sky was an endless reverse orb
Filled with untold wonders and beauty.
It holds the story of the beginning and the end.
Once It even looked down to see a young boy dance around a fire
Wearing nothing but a loincloth.

It holds a tight grip on nothing
Only sometimes loosening slightly for asteroids to pass through
Staring on and on through dark shades, It watches the world unfold
And longs to reach out,
To touch its surface and feel the dirt between its toes,
But oxygen shoves it upwards.

One day, some wished to reach towards It.
Those few soared upwards through space and mind
To reach for It
Even though they could not grasp It.
They still went.

Brilliant flames brought life and death.
It cried bits of flaming metal back to the earth
No one would ever try again.
Hope told them otherwise.

Even now the kind twinkle longs for followers
Of darkness.
Not of man’s darkness that is scared,
But of Space’s darkness which is breathtaking.

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