November 14, 2016
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she wakes me in her slumber while i lie supine
without any awareness in the early hours of the morning,
her hair an untamed halo framed around her wrinkled face,
with an impassive countenance oblivious to a deep sleep
suspended loosely above her chin,
succumbing to gravity

she does not know where she will go from here,
through a medium that cannot hold beyond the limit,
walking as death nips the soles of her feet --
jackie refuses consciousness

an outstretched limb opens the screen door
with barely any force at all as she
an aura wrapping around her ghostly figure, encapsulating her entire body

one can only see snow
with the light of the street lamps bleeding through,
the trees and space and stars coalesce and form one mass being,
but no one is out except for us

i shiver as she gazes longingly out at a picturesque orb between two chimneys --
she appears so much younger within the shadows, so unaware of the both of us,
the woman i never knew in her last moments,
and sadly we are the only ones who care to wander outside at this time,
for no one has the interest to admire a moon in all its glory,
awaiting the final hour

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