Things my grandparents have taught me

November 14, 2016
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1.Some people never grow up
I don't mean this in a bad way, I mean my grandpa used to watch Thomas the Train everyday at noon up until he passed away.

2.When people don't complement you it doesn't mean you don't deserve it
My nanny has never been one to tell you that you look beautiful, but the way her face lights up when you show her a new outfit makes you feel so pulchritudinous.

3.Your sense of humor will be remembered
Everyday I miss my grandfathers jokes at inappropriate times. The ones that made you giggle and get rude glares. I swear I'm not laughing at the death of your goldfish but my poppy said it probably drowned.

4.You can find love more than once
He will never be my poppy but I am so glad he keeps my nanny happy. He is a sweetheart and fits in the family well.

5.You will always have four parents
Nanny and poppy spoiled me rotten. Probably why I'm such a brat. I was spoiled with love and I expect nothing less.

6.Farting will make grandma mad and make the kids laugh
Nothing made grandma as mad as when poppy farted all the way home from dinners. Nothing made my cousin and I laugh harder.

7.You will always be loved
My grandma tells me all the time that I'll never be alone. I might feel alone but I am surrounded by people.

I will forever cherish the stories and laughs with my grandma and grandpa.

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