My Balloon, The Latex Wrapper

November 12, 2016
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I have a balloon
It’s a nice balloon, it really is
Blue, my favorite color
And shiny
With lots of plastic sheen on the outside
And air on the inside.
And this balloon told me that I could be amazing,
That I could do something real,
Not just for myself
But for other people.
The first time the world shot me down, some air was let out of my balloon,
But I
Would not
Let this
Stop me.
The second time it was the principal who shot me down,
But with all the evil in the world, I
Would not
Let this one person
Stop me.
The rest of the air was let out of my balloon,
But I boisterously re-inflated it.
With helium.
But the final blow came from someone I did not expect
The people whom I trusted the most
Sowed fear in my heart
By flaw or by design
And I realized
That I could no longer do it,
That they could stop me,
And that I was destined to become

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The_Gypsy said...
Nov. 18, 2016 at 7:55 pm
I think we need more balloons than just one, since even if one pops the others can still support the weight of the now popped balloon. Especially with the pro-life club to make ourselves heard in this violent and deadly world.
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